7th International Conference on Advanced Capacitors

Date: September 26–29, 2023
Venue: Kamakura Prince Hotel, Kamakura, Japan


Student Poster Award

The ICAC2023 Organizing Committee will present the "Student Poster Award" to outstanding students who present their papers during the poster session of the ICAC2023. This award recognizes undergraduate or graduate poster presentations characterized by excellence in research, clarity of presentation, and a wealth of personal knowledge in discussions with the judges during "Poster Session" of the ICAC2023.

ICAC2023 Student Poster Award Winners


  • P-01 Kaiya Nakasone (University of the Ryukyus)
    Fine Tuning Interlayer Distance of Reduced Graphite Oxide for Reversible Redox Reaction of Quinone-Based Molecules

  • P-03 Ryu-ichi Seki (Gunma University)
    Effect of Glyme-based Electrolyte on Graphite-oxide Lithium Capacitor

  • P-08 Takaya Sugiyama (Shinshu University)
    Preparation of pseudo-solid-state water-in-salt electrolyte confined in a silica matrix by sol-gel method

  • P-11 Maciej Tobis (Poznan University of Technology)
    Interlayer space optimization in MoS2 for improved lithium intercalation kinetics

  • P-16 Weiquan Ke (National Cheng Kung University)
    EPR Analysis to Elucidate Chemical Prelithiation of Anode Materials for Li-Ion Capacitors

  • P-19 Yuki Fujii (Tokyo University of Science)
    High-Rate Capability of Hard-Carbon Electrode in Na and Li Cells Evaluated through Diluted Electrode Method