7th International Conference on Advanced Capacitors

Date: September 26–29, 2023
Venue: Kamakura Prince Hotel, Kamakura, Japan

Special issue

Electrochemistry special issue

‘Research Frontiers of Electrochemical Capacitors’

Electrochemical capacitors are an electrochemical energy device characterized by high power and long life. There have been an increasing number of practical examples as power sources for automobiles and power storage systems for renewable energy. In conjunction with the 7th International Conference on Advanced Capacitors (ICAC2023), a special issue will be published in Electrochemistry, which is a journal of the Electrochemical Society of Japan. We call for the latest research results/perspectives/reviews of capacitors, regardless of whether it has been presented at the above international symposium or not.

Guest editor: Masashi Okubo (Waseda Univ.), Krzysztof Fic (Poznan Univ. Tech.), Nobuhiro Ogihara (Toyota Central R&D Labs), Yoshikiyo Hatakeyama (Gumma Univ.), Shin-ichi Komaba (Tokyo Univ. Sci.), Wataru Sugimoto (Shinshu Univ.), Kaoru Dokko (Yokohama Natl. Univ.)

Submission deadline: February 25, 2024

The 70th Special Feature of Electrochemistry: Research Frontiers of Electrochemical Capacitors